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New Wine, New Art

Swing by this weekend and see our new show

Color and Light

Recent oil paintings by Susan Roberts which will be enlivening our walls through October.  Sunday, Susan will be here from 3 to 5 pm so stop on by and meet the artist.

You might also want to check out these two artistic wines from Sicily that have just hit our shelves.

2020 Petraio, Nero di Avola  $14
This spicy, black-fruited Nero d’Avola feels fresh, lively, and generous. The juxtaposition of deep aromas with the freshness adds an intriguing tension.

2019 Tornatore, Etna Rosso  $22
95% Nerello Mascalese, 5% Nerello Cappuccio
A uniquely rich and focused wine made of the indigenous Nerello Mascalese grape. It expresses itself with aromas of cherry juice and preserves, wild strawberry and a very characteristic volcanic and mineral intensity that is unique only to the wines of Mt. Etna’s volcanic soil.

Shop Hours
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM

Introducing Stewart Pearson

Mark & I are pleased to announce that Stewart is joining us at Madrona Wine Merchants.   Stewart’s lifelong interest in wine started during half a year in Bordeaux when he was 21 and has taken him over the years to other wine-growing regions in France, Australia, and the US.  You’ll see Stewart working at the shop mainly on the weekends.  Say hello next time you pick up a bottle.

Introducing Suzanne Brooker
Suzanne is the artist for our currently hanging show.
Near Water
Oil Paintings by Suzanne Brooker
August 10th to September 11th

Come meet Suzanne and see the show this Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.

Shop Hours
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM

New Art

Near Water
Oil Paintings by Suzanne Brooker
August 10th to September 11th

Water is an element of change. Unlike air, it has the appeal of visible weight and direction when it is bound to the ground and creates paths through the landscape. A trickster with many disguises, the dynamics of water is a constant challenge to render in paint from the dancing currents of fast water running downhill to the sculptural effects of the water course over rocky shores.

Shop Hours
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM

New Art

Stop by the shop and take in the new art on the walls.  We have an exciting show by Grego Rachko up for the next month.  Stop in and check it out.

Still Life After All
A collection of portraits and still lifes
by Grego Rachko
June 6th through August 7th

Artist Statement.
My name is Grego Rachko. My artistic practice focuses on drawing and oil painting, working with collage in both areas. The imagery is figurative and incorporates decorative patterns. Spirituality and psychology are my main themes, including ecology, social justice and humanism. I show regularly in group gallery settings, alternative and community spaces and my work has been collected for years by average people.
I started doing still life paintings and drawings in the early 1990’s and had been doing some intense figurative work about AIDS. Still life painting was the outlet I needed to express joy through color, composition and mood. I enjoyed the directness of them. And continue to explore their possibilities.

Shop Hours
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM



Professional Artist / Arts Educator / Curator / Montessori Teacher


My artwork which you are currently viewing here at the Madrona Wine Merchant is collage and mixed medium collage on canvas and hand paper bowls. Collage is a French word meaning to glue. I create my collages with found and fine papers. My collage work is portraits of well-known and not so well-known people. Still life’s, collages inspired by my travels and life in Jamaica, West Indies and decorative collage bowls.

I,Patricia Ann Wilson, am a Professional Artist and an Arts Educator along with being a Montessori Teacher. I have two degrees in Art. A degree in Commercial Art, from Milwaukee Area Technical College and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. And a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Collage, Printmaking, Ceramics and Arts Education along with a Certification in African Dance. When I completed my BFA in Drawing and Painting I attended, the Art Institute in Chicago, Cornish College of the Arts and The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee where I completed my BFA. I also have a Masters in Art Therapy from Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a local and internationally exhibiting and teaching artist.

I am currently starting again my, “JUST GLUE IT” Adult COLLAGE group which meets the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm. And I am currently registering Saturday and Sunday art classes for Children and Adults. I teach independent sessions. And if you would like to purchase art from my show or make other purchases or request a commission; call 206 225 8489 / or


Artist Opening
April 24th, 2022 3-5 PM
Madrona Wine Merchants
1127 34th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

New Year, New Art!

We have art hanging on our walls again for the first time in quite a while.  Come check out the show.

by Pam Stokes

Artist Statement

I started painting in my forties with absolute beginning drawing and watercolor classes.

I loved the immediacy of watercolor and how different it could look depending on how you apply it. It seemed magical to me how layering coats of paint could change the colors and bring the painting to life. Watercolor can be bold and dramatic, but I always favored the delicate details that watercolors can highlight.

I have also been involved in the Urban Sketching movement and love meeting with fellow sketchers at locations around the city to sketch and paint in our notebooks. It’s a wonderful welcoming community for any level of artist. I keep trying to sketch buildings and landscapes, but I am continually drawn to the smaller details like plants or small details of a building instead of a larger cityscape.

The organic shapes in the small details of nature have always intrigued me: the patterns of leaves, the graceful points of rose hips and dried pods and flowers past their prime are more interesting to me than a rose at perfect bloom.

Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM

Winemakers, Bargains, & Art

It is a soggy weekend here in Madrona, as we prepare for Snowmageddon.  But here at Madrona Wine we have a full weekend of events to keep you warm. 

Saturday, legendary local winemakers Erica Orr and Linn Scott will be on hand pouring their personal pet projects from 2 to 4.
Erica Orr has like Baer, Mark Ryan, and Guardian rack up 90+ point scores.  In 2013, she made the inaugural and limited release of her Old-Vine Chenin.
Linn Scott spends most of his working hours as the winemaker at Sparkman Cellars.  In his spare time he and a couple of friends make a few small lots of wine respectfully modeled after wines that that they love to drink.
2016 Six Atmospheres, Blanc de Blancs  $32
2016 Wild Type, Dionysus Vineyard Riesling  $16
2018 Orr, Old Vine Chenin Blanc  $25
2018 Orr, Columbia valley Grenache  $25

Sunday we’ll be pouring a couple of Winter Bargains. We’ve got some bubbles to go with the salad course, and a medium-weight red to go with the main.
Rive Della Chiesa Pinot Grigio Frizzante  $10
Light and apple-driven, and clean. The flavors are like lime lollipops and orange juice, which may sound unappealing but that’s not the case.
2013 Lapostolle Casa Greand Selection Merlot  $10
Clean aromas of ripe red fruit dominate with sweet spices and notes of herbs of Provence and rosemary towards the finish. Medium-body with pleasant tannins in balance with a good freshness. Was $14 now $10

Sunday is also our Artist Reception for our new show of photographs Scenes from Italy 2017 to 2019 by Fred Birchman.  Stop by from 3 to 5 and check out the art, Fred will be on hand to explain the photos deeper meanings. 

Madrona Wine Merchants offers free wine tastings featuring 3-5 selections on a theme every Saturday from 2 until the bottles run out and on Sunday, we offer a mini-tasting of two wines all day from 11-5.

Fred Birchman Artist Reception

January 12th – 3-5PM






Selected scenes from travel to Rome, Naples, Puglia and Sardegna

January 5 thru March 1, 2020

reception: Sunday, January 12 3pm to 5pm

Alsace, Frugal French, & Art

It is a wonderful wine drinking weekend her in Madrona.  Those crystal-clear skies have been replaced with our more familiar soft grey.  A good time to hole up with a good book and a glass of wine.  But wait!  You need the wine!  Don’t worry.  Stop by.

Saturday we have a great line up from Alsace vignerons Allimant-Laugner.  These are fantastic food wines that not only go with raclette and fondue, but also many of the festive meals coming up (think Thanksgiving).
Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rosé$24
2016 Sylvaner $17
2017 Riesling $17
2015 Grand Cru Riesling “Praelatenberg” $25
2017 Pinot Noir  $20

Sunday we go to the south of France for two true bargains before import tariffs raise prices.
2016 Chapoutier La Ciboise Luberon Blanc  $13
Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Vermentino, Roussanne
A dry southern French white with aromas of white blossom, lemons and exotic fruits. Good balance between the freshness and roundness with great length. 13% alcohol by volume.  Was $15 now $13
2016 Ollivier Hillaire Côtes du Rhone Vieilles Vignes  $15
60% Grenache, 40% Syrah
Old-vine grapes from just across the river from Châteauneuf with intense fruit mixed with spicy flavors , fine tannins, and a very beautiful aromatic persistence.  Was $18 now $15

Sunday from 3 to 5 is also our Artist Reception for the new show. Reassemble in Reverse Order of Dissasembly by Andrew Krehbiel
Its natural to take things apart and put them back together 15 years later. For this show I dusted off an assortment of work that had yet to make it to the walls. I recently made the frames, salvaged white oak that’s older then the art. Nothings really straight or square, just the nature of things. These prints, photos and ink drawings document a process or a performance. Everything on these walls first started out as sculpture or a building or a shipping pallet. Really these images are just an out dated snap shot in time helping to keep some memories from dying.

Upcoming Special Tasting of the wines of Giovanni Rosso with of ten wines from their Piemonte and Etna estates.  These will be presented by Davide Rosso direct from Italy.  The tasting is from 6 to 8 on Wednesday November 20th at the Cavatappi office space in Sodo. Advance tickets are required for this event for $25 (plus tax) from Madrona Wine.  We’ll have more info on this out soon.

Madrona Wine Merchants offers free wine tastings featuring 4-5 selections on a theme every Saturday from 2 until the bottles run out and on Sunday, we offer a mini-tasting of two wines all day from 11-5.

Good Wine and New Art

It looks like a wet weekend here in Madrona.  But here at Madrona Wine we have a lot of things going on to chase the clouds away.

Saturday, we are tasting South African wines from Morgenster. 
2019 Morgenster Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded) Stellenbosch $14
2016 Morgenster Cabernet Franc Stellenbosch $16
2014 Morgenster Cabernet Sauvignon Stellenbosch $16 
2010 Morgenster Lourens River Valley Estate Red $21
50% Cabernt Franc, 33% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Petit Verdot

Sunday we are off to Bordeaux for some excellent examples of the terrior. Join us as we pop over to France for an afternoon of tasting.
2015 Saint Sulpice Bordeaux Blanc  $10
Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon
Fresh lemon and Mirabelle plum notes stream through, laced with verbena and chamomile to round of the nose. This wine is fresh and dry with bright minerality on the palate. 13% alcohol by volume. Was $20 now $10
2015 Château de Birot Côtes de Bordeaux  $15
87% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon
Located on the beautiful hillsides of Cadillac, overlooking the Garonne River, 22 miles south of the city of Bordeaux, Château de Biro has been producing wine for over 200 years. This sturdy young Bordeaux has dark fruit flavors and spicy tannins. 13% alcohol by volume

Artist Reception
We cap off Sunday afternoon with the artist reception for Suzanne Brooker and her new show “Between Summer and Fall” that is hanging in the shop.  Come see the show and meet the Artist from 3-5pm.

Between Summer and Fall
A collection of oil studies by Suzanne Brooker

Nature is the best teacher. In these paintings I worked to better understand the patterns and chaos of organic forms through oil painting techniques.

Madrona Wine Merchants offers free wine tastings featuring 4-5 selections on a theme every Saturday from 2 until the bottles run out and on Sunday, we offer a mini-tasting of two wines all day from 11-5.