About MWM

At Madrona Wine Merchants, we love the diversity of the world of wine.  We search out wines with exceptional quality, complexity and distinct style (whether it is a familiar Cabernet Sauvignon or a little known Marcillac.)  We love the wines we choose and like to share with others.

We like to drink wine every day and think you do too, so we stock wines that are affordable and honestly priced as well as a broad selection of wines for more special occasions.  We look for wines that are good deals but possess the quality that separates Bargain Wines from True Bargains. 

How do we pick the wines?  We taste them.  We sample hundreds of wines to find the ones we think are good enough to carry.  It’s nice to know that some wine critic has bestowed a high rating on a given wine, but if it doesn’t taste good in our glass you won’t find it on our shelves. We will also offer plenty of tastings, so you can decide what you like for yourself.  Sign up to receive the schedule using our Secure Signup located on the upper right hand of this (and every) page.

We think our shop is a great place for those who like to think about what they drink, as well as those who just want to enjoy a good bottle. Stop by the shop and see for yourself.

Mark Souder & Jim Maloney

Our Philosophy

While there are exceptions to everything in wine just as there are in life, in general we strive for wines that reflect the place they were grown and their makers. Whether it is the composition of the soil, the favorability of the weather, the distinctiveness of the local yeasts, or the choices that the winemaker makes that give a wine its terroir.

We tend to look for smaller producers as their personality comes through in their art.

We look for producers with respect for the land, whether it take the form of sustainable farming, organic or biodynamic practices, or following “lutte raisonnée” or minimal interference. But we are concerned less with certification or labels than sensible conduct.

All these things combine to make a wine distinct. And this uniqueness is what makes wine more interesting than cocktails or soda pop.

Of course if we find an exceptional wine at cheap price from a large producer, we’ll put it on the shelf. Everyone likes a bargain.