What NOT To Try And Pair With Wine

This morning over my eggs and champagne (just kidding about the champagne), I was reading a great article from The Clever Root, “Risky Relationships: The Eight Killer Foods That Make Wine Taste Terrible”, by Karen MacNeil.

Sadly, the article isn’t on their website so I’ll have to paraphrase her thoughts on those eight foods:

  1. Artichokes – don’t do with tannic wines, will leave your wine tasting like a tin can
  2. Asparagus – Sauvignon Blanc would work, but only if you grill the asparagus, as for reds, forget it
  3. Cruciferous & Leafy Green Vegetable – just say no to wine with these because of the sulfur released from cooking
  4. Eggs – ditto on the sulfur content
  5. Chiles – stay away from tannic or high alcohol wines like Zinfandel, the capsaicin in the chilies intensifies the heat, tannins, and alcohol
  6. White Wine Vinegar – makes you wine taste astringent, use lemon juice, good quality Sherry, or balsamic
  7. Raw Garlic and Onions – sautée them first
  8. Chocolate – forget reds and white, head for Port or Madeira to stand up to the power of chocolate

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