Winemakers, Bargains, & Art

It is a soggy weekend here in Madrona, as we prepare for Snowmageddon.  But here at Madrona Wine we have a full weekend of events to keep you warm. 

Saturday, legendary local winemakers Erica Orr and Linn Scott will be on hand pouring their personal pet projects from 2 to 4.
Erica Orr has like Baer, Mark Ryan, and Guardian rack up 90+ point scores.  In 2013, she made the inaugural and limited release of her Old-Vine Chenin.
Linn Scott spends most of his working hours as the winemaker at Sparkman Cellars.  In his spare time he and a couple of friends make a few small lots of wine respectfully modeled after wines that that they love to drink.
2016 Six Atmospheres, Blanc de Blancs  $32
2016 Wild Type, Dionysus Vineyard Riesling  $16
2018 Orr, Old Vine Chenin Blanc  $25
2018 Orr, Columbia valley Grenache  $25

Sunday we’ll be pouring a couple of Winter Bargains. We’ve got some bubbles to go with the salad course, and a medium-weight red to go with the main.
Rive Della Chiesa Pinot Grigio Frizzante  $10
Light and apple-driven, and clean. The flavors are like lime lollipops and orange juice, which may sound unappealing but that’s not the case.
2013 Lapostolle Casa Greand Selection Merlot  $10
Clean aromas of ripe red fruit dominate with sweet spices and notes of herbs of Provence and rosemary towards the finish. Medium-body with pleasant tannins in balance with a good freshness. Was $14 now $10

Sunday is also our Artist Reception for our new show of photographs Scenes from Italy 2017 to 2019 by Fred Birchman.  Stop by from 3 to 5 and check out the art, Fred will be on hand to explain the photos deeper meanings. 

Madrona Wine Merchants offers free wine tastings featuring 3-5 selections on a theme every Saturday from 2 until the bottles run out and on Sunday, we offer a mini-tasting of two wines all day from 11-5.

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