Portraits: Man & Beasts

The Artwork of

Eden Hopkins & Laura Grover

July 3rd to August 31st

Artist Eden Hopkins presents six, lively and whimsical portrait paintings of dogs. Several of these lovable canines attentively make eye contact and feature their tongues lolling out. One painting showcases a Chiweenie dog, or a Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix mouthing a tennis ball, ready for play. These original oil paintings are created on 12″ x 12″Wcradled panels. See more of Eden’s artwork at www.edenhopkins.com

Artist Laura Grover’s portraits of her family are a way of reflecting on the time spent with them. It’s a personal time with each individual, to think upon what they look like, conversations we held together and how we first met. Each paint stroke is intimate and comes with personal feeling. These paintings are just moments that gave me pleasure. Not all family moments will be remembered with such joy and surely need to be recorded.

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