Pic One

If we had to pick one wine to take home this weekend it might be this rich delicious red from the Languedoc.  Fortunately, we don’t have to limit ourselves to one.

2017 Chateau Lancyre, Pic Saint Loup Vieilles Vignes  $22
65% Syrah, 35% Grenache
From a single plot selection of 45-year-old vines, this Pic St Loup has powerful scents and aromatic fullness. This wine is rich and elegant. The earthy notes are balanced out by smooth, silky tannins.

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Rosé in a Box

Whether it is a boat, a beach, a party or just a good back up in the refrigerator, it is nice to have a box of Rosé on hand.  We found recently that is up to our standards without getting snooty.

2021 Domain Montrose, Solis Lumen Rosé  $35
80% Grenache, 20% Cinsault
A Languedoc Rosé — Cranberry, strawberry, and watermelon fruit on the nose and palate, with firm acidity and a dose of minerality. Silky richness in the mouth, with good complexity and extended length on the palate.  3000ml (4 bottles worth)

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Introducing Stewart Pearson

Mark & I are pleased to announce that Stewart is joining us at Madrona Wine Merchants.   Stewart’s lifelong interest in wine started during half a year in Bordeaux when he was 21 and has taken him over the years to other wine-growing regions in France, Australia, and the US.  You’ll see Stewart working at the shop mainly on the weekends.  Say hello next time you pick up a bottle.

Introducing Suzanne Brooker
Suzanne is the artist for our currently hanging show.
Near Water
Oil Paintings by Suzanne Brooker
August 10th to September 11th

Come meet Suzanne and see the show this Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.

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Keeps The Doldrums Away

Plan ahead.  Here are seven rosés to keep you happy all week long.

2021 Bonny Doon Pink Wine of the Earth  $15
79% Grenache, 5% Grenache Gris, 5% Grenache Blanc, 5% Vermentino, 3% Cinsault, 1.5% Picpoul, 1.5% Clairette
From the Doon Ranch, this Rosé has a very pleasing aroma of strawberry and watermelon plus a little cranberry, tangerine, granny smith apple. It is dry, crisp, fresh and a pleasant sunny sipper.  Vegan

2021 Cave de Vendome Le Cocagne Rosé  $15
100% Pineau D’Aunis
Coteaux du Vendomois
Strawberry notes at first and then grapefruit and spices hints. Round and soft taste with traces of strawberry and currant.

2018 Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Jeunes Vignes Rosé  $18
Pinot Noir
This selection of grapes from young vines gives a fruity wine bursting with energy. Its freshness and acidity are clean and bright with berries.
Was $23 now $18

2021 Jean-Marie Reverdy La Villaudiere Sancerre Rosé  $24
Pinot Noir
Fresh strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant and mineral aromas, with a bracing, complex palate. Loads of intensity with a fine finish!

2021 Brotte Tavel Rosé Les Eglantiers $20
Grenache, Syrah
Classic Tavel with aromas of small red fruits (red cherry, strawberry) with nuances of white-fleshed stone fruits (white peach, nectarine). Fresh fruit flavours of wild strawberry, this rosé has gentle acidity showing a smooth elegance and intensity with a plump finish.

2021 Trinquevedel Tavel Rosé  $22
60% Grenache, 18% Cinsault, 12% Clairette, 5% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre
Aromatic, complex, aromas of orange blossom, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry Complex, intense, full-bodied, mineral, structured body, long length.

2021 Le Galantin Bandol Rosé  $25
60% Mourvedre,25% Grenache, 15% Cinsault
Classic Provençal rosé with delightful tree-fruit and citrus notes (peach, nectarine, grapefruit) and a crisp finish. Structured and complex, with citrus and red fruit on the palate.  Organic

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New Art

Near Water
Oil Paintings by Suzanne Brooker
August 10th to September 11th

Water is an element of change. Unlike air, it has the appeal of visible weight and direction when it is bound to the ground and creates paths through the landscape. A trickster with many disguises, the dynamics of water is a constant challenge to render in paint from the dancing currents of fast water running downhill to the sculptural effects of the water course over rocky shores.

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Everybody Loves A Mystery!

Who doesn’t love a mystery?  Here’s what we can tell you:
99% of these wines are Red (there is 1 bottle of tawny port floating around in there somewhere).
They all have stained labels (some just a little, some quite a lot).
They all normally sell for between $13 to $20 a bottle (a couple even more).
None of them were made in Woodinville.
First come first served.
2 bottles for $16 (11–Two packs available)
6 bottles for $48 (13 – Six packs available)
You’ll have to sleuth the rest out for yourself.






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One more for the weekend.

A classic white to sip while you sit in the shade and try and calm the nerves from the loud planes overhead.

The Champalous (Didier and Catherine)  are masters of Loire Chenin Blanc, producing Vouvray in all styles.  If you know Vouvray you  love them them.  If you don’t know Vouvray this is a great introduction.

2019 Champalou, Vouvray  $24
Chenin Blanc
This still, dry rendition of Vouvray, aged in stainless steel, is gentle and refreshing on the palate, it boasts a delightful balance of stony minerality with luscious, almost honeyed fruit and flowery notes,
12.5% alcohol by volume

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Distinct Whites

Ever feel like you are choosing the same wines over and over to drink.  Well break out of the mold.  Here are some very delicious and distinct whites that aren’t easily pigeonholed.  A perfect exploration for any summer evening.

2020 Arzabro Harria Txakoli  $15
Hondarrabi Zuri
Harria (‘stone’ in the Basque language). Not much fizz here but the flavor is intense, with varietal aromas, particularly of citrus fruit (limes, grapefruit) and apples and other white pulp fruit. Fresh and harmonious in the mouth, with that elegant bitter hint typical of the grape variety.
Was $19 Now $15
12.5% alcohol by volume

2020 Hild Elbling Trocken  $18
The joy of Elbling is the uncompromising vigor and energy, the raucous and super-chalky acidity. This mineral aspect comes from the limestone soils (not slate!) that you find in the upper Mosel Valley It is here where the Elbling grape thrives & makes a delicious white wine.  Organic
11.5% alcohol by volume

2021 Cor Cellars Alba Cor  $19
55% Pinot Gris, 45% Gewurztraminer
A blend of two traditionally Alsatian varietals into one Columbia Gorge wine from the Celilo vineyard. Co-fermented in a concrete tank, the Alba shows notes of peach, melon and honeysuckle accentuated by spicy notes of pear and lychee.
13% alcohol by volume

2020 Leth Roter Veltliner Klassik  $20
It is not Gruner.  Subtle nose of red apple and sweet melon. A juicy, tropical fruit mix on the palate with a perfect balance of acid and a wisp of sweetness. Warm, creamy spice that lingers.  Organic
12.5% alcohol by volume

Vincent Couche Vooulez Vous Couche Avec Moi?  $42
65% Pinot Noir, 35 % Chardonnay
This wine is an unusual curiosity.  From vineyards in Champagne with clay and limestone soils, this wine is aged for 2 years in clay amphora and oak barrels.  It transports all the yeasty complexity of a champagne to a still white wine.
No sulphites, Organic
12.5% alcohol by volume

2021 Swick Wines The Hux $31
100% Huxelrebe
Willemette Valley
Huxelrebe [hooksal-reeba] is a crossing of Chasselas and Courtillier Musqué. This wine was destemmed and macerated on the skins for 30 days, plunged or foot-stomped twice daily. Umami is the predominant flavor here – like a lick of salt and damp earth.  Organic

2020 Marginalia Amber Wine $30
Semillon from Les Collines Vineyard on skins for two weeks before pressing to barrel; this is on the more structured end of the amber wine spectrum with a whole lot happening on the palate.
12.4% alcohol by volume

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Two Rosé For A Hot Day

Get ’em while it’s hot.  These two sizzling deals just arrived at the shop.  Pick them up and chill out.

2018 Leone de Castris, Il Medaglione Negroamaro Rosé  $10
This rosé, made with Negroamaro, has a rich cherry red color. The nose is very fresh, fruity and floral with aromas of rose, strawberry and cherry.  On the palate it is well-structured and dry, with red fruit flavors, lively acidity and a persistent finish.
Was $15 now $10

2018 Henri Bourgeois, Sancerre Jeunes Vignes Rosé  $18
Pinot Noir
This selection of grapes from young vines gives a fruity wine bursting with energy. Its freshness and acidity are clean and bright with berries.
Was $23 now $18

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Barolo, single-vineyard, Reserva,19-years-old, there has to be an occasion coming up that requires this wine!

2003 Sordo, Ceretta di Perno Reserva Barolo  $85
The bouquet is self-assured, intense, pervasive and broad-based. It tells of delicate hints of ripened fruit, cacao, fine woods, mint and sweet spices.  The flavors are a blend of resolved tannins, cherry fruit and tobacco notes. Very limited.

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