A Pair of Pinot

We’re taking a break from the heat and chilled rosé to taste a two very different Pinot Noir.  Come with us as we wander away from the Willamette for a weekend.


2021 Vallepicciola, Pievasciata Pinot Nero  $20
Pinot Noir
The expressive aroma of the wine reveals hints of ripe cherries, raspberries, blackberries, spices, black pepper and herbs.  Its taste is warm, enveloping, soft, and pleasant, with characteristic fruity-spicy accents, rounded tannins, fresh acidity and a long aftertaste.


2022 Giraudon, Bougogne Chitry  $22
Pinot Noir
Bargain Burgundy.  This lovely Pinot Noir is wonderfully aromatic, fruity and refreshing, year after year. We get red and dark berry fruits like currant, cranberry, and cherry, with earthy spice, lean acidity, and chalky tannins on the finish.

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