It must be Spring,

the Txakoli have returned!

Txakoli from Rexabal & Amestoi

Two of our favorite producers are back at the shop after a long absence. These fresh Basque, slightly sparkling, low alcohol wines are perfect for an afternoon treat or light fare meal.

2020 Rezabal Txakoli  $15
Hondarrabi Zuri
The Basque crisp white.  Fine bubbles with intense fresh fruit aromas of citrus and green apple and a salty finish. 11% alcohol by volume

2021 Rezabal Txakoli Rezabal Rosé  $15
Hondarrabi Belza
This vivacious rosé from the Basque region in northern Spain has lip-smacking acidity, wild strawberry, sea salt and fresh grapefruit impressions that make for a delicious thirst quencher. 10.5% alcohol by volume

2021 Amestoi Txakolina  $25
Hondarrabi Zuri
The subtle fruit, bright briny sea salt and vivacity found on the nose of Txacoli de Getaria makes way to a palate of sea-infused, mineral citrus notes followed by ginger, green apple and flowery aromas with the light fizz livening things up. The finish is fresh and as zesty as it gets.  Vegan. 11% alcohol by volume

2021 Amestoi Txakolina Rubentis     $25
Hondarrabi Zuri, Hondarrabi Beltza
Charmingly light effervescence and electric acidity, the Rubentis brings forth zesty notes of blood orange, ruby red grapefruit, crushed green herbs, and white pepper, which mingle delicately with seaspray, salty citrus, and streaks of chalky minerality.  Vegan. 11% alcohol by volume

Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM

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