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Klet Brda

Brda is the westernmost region of Slovenia, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Its rolling hills, stretching from the Soča River to Friuli in Italy, are dotted with houses, farms, and vineyards planted on steep slopes and requiring a lot of manual labor.  All the work is done by family members and friends, which enhances quality control. The Klet Brda winery is a cooperative of these vineyards. The climate in the Brda region combines the freshness of the Alps and the Mediterranean influences, producing wines with a broad spectrum of aromas. The hallmark of Brda wines is their minerality, which is due to a particular marl soil called opoka.

Here are the wines that we normally stock at Madrona Wine.

2018 Klet Brda Krasno Sauvignonasse  $15
100% Sauvignonasse
An indigenous variety from Brda in Slovenia.  Aromas of lemon blossom and grapefruit zest. It is soft on entry with flavors of vanilla, apple and lemon before the smooth finish.

2018 Klet Brda Krasno  $20
40% Ribillo Gialla, 30% Malvasia, 30% Sauvigonnasse
Krasno is the highest village in Brda, with a long wine tradition and an abundance of excellent sites.  This Orange Wine sits sur lie for 6 months,  The fresh and elegant white blend has an impressively mineral, full taste and delicate aromas of ripe white fruit, spices and wildflowers.

2019 Klet Brda Krasno Goriska Brda Red  $15
40% Cabernet Franc, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot
A distinctly mineral authentic wine with a character only found in Slovenia’s Goriška Brda region. Notes of bramble and red cherries followed by a grassy note. The medium-bodied palate boasts a gentle texture and a quite long finish.

2016 Klet Brda Bagueri Estate Merlot  $27
This Slovinian Merlot gives Napa a run for the money.  Red cherry with nuances of mulberry developing in nuances of dark plum, a full-bodied smooth and velvety wine with a slightly smoky character and soft tannins.  Organic

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