Madrona Wine is once again

Open for Browsing!

Mark & I are fully vaccinated (and hope you are too) and are happy that we can now let small groups of people back in the shop to check out our wines.

While the Covid news is positive, our shop is a very small space and we will requiring masks while shopping.  We also limiting the capacity to 4 customers at a time until we all adjust to this new reality of personally interacting again. 

The shop has become a little ratty since we cooped ourselves up here 14 months ago, but we’ll be working to make it a bit more tidy.  Our silk purse is still in its sow’s ear form.  But we’re hoping your eyes will wander to the bottles, not the clutter.

For those who still prefer the convenience or separation of the past year, we are still happy to take all orders specific or general and have them ready for pick up.  Just Call, Email or Shout Out at the door if you don’t feel like coming in.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,
Mark & Jim,
Madrona Wine Merchants

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