We don’t stock a wide selection of Sake at Madrona Wine, but when you pick up the sashimi grade Ahi at East Anchor we have some good selections to back you up.  And don’t forget the Choya Umeshu for desert.

Kizakura Saké 101  $16
Kizakuura Tokuri Ikkon series contains a 180ml bottle each of Junmai DaiginjoJunmai Ginjo, and Nigori. It is a good introduction to saké styles with both traditional and non traditional ideas for sake pairing.  This would also make a fun conversational dinner party feature.

Sawano Tsuru Genshu Junmai  720ml–$15 
This Junmai is simply pressed from the rice without any water added. This makes for a more flavorful drink, and a touch higher alcohol content. The undiluted nectar washes the palate with a rich, ripe fruit taste and a pleasant dryness. Try chilled or on the rocks for a more satisfying experience.

Manotsuri Bulzai Ginjo  300ml –$16   720ml — $25
This is a Nama-chozo saké, which means it is left un-pasteurized until the bottling stage; this adds zestiness to the mouthfeel. Refreshing aromas of bananas and tropical fruit. The finish offers hints of licorice and white pepper over stone-driven mineral notes.

Soto Premium Junmai Saké  720ml –$23
The nose on this very gentle Junmai Daiginjo is an enjoyable collection of mango, ripe peach, citrus, and a touch of coconut aromas. Pretty cool packaging for this very tasty sake that is smooth, round, soft, and very clean.

Kizakura Premium Nigori Saké  300ml –$8
Expect a fresh, light flavor with a mildy sweet and sour taste from this Kizakura Nigori saké.

Choya Umeshu  500ml — $17
Japanese Plum Wine
The added natural fruit is called UME in Japanese. The organic acid of UME balances the taste of Choya.  Very refreshing.

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