Pet Nat

Petillant Naturel, aka “Pet Nat,” is a traditional method of producing sparkling wine where the wine is bottled prior to the completion of primary fermentation without adding additional sugar and the fermentation finishes in the bottle. No disgorgement and no dosage they are cloudy and have extra yeasty flavors.  Here are two we currently have at the shop.

Moutard, Pet Mout  $14
Made by our best selling Champagne maker Motard.  The Pet Mout has fine bubbles.  The aromas of citrus fruits, floral and mineral go very well with freshness and elegance in mouth in addition to an acidity which allows balance between aromatic power and softness.  Fun summer wine.
12% alcohol by volume

2020 Lunaria, Ancestrale (Pet Nat) Sparkling Brut  $20
Pinot Grigio
A “Pet-nat”from Abruzzo made with native yeast and no added sugar. Brut Nature.  The Lunaria has a beautiful cloudy pink color and aromas and favors of strawberries, ripe pear, and apple. Lees contact creates complexity and aromatic intensity.  Biodynamic
12% alcohol by volume

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