New Wines from Romania

We recently discovered some Romanian wine with grapes we hadn’t ever heard of before.  Of course, we got excited.  Here are the first two wine we brought in.

In the heart of Dealu Mare region, in an area with sunny rolling hills, sits Budureasca vineyards.  The archaeological evidence suggests a rich tradition in vinification, dating since the time of the Dacians or even their ancestors, the ancient Thracians.

2018 Budureasca, Vine In Flames Fetească Regală  $15
Fetească Regală is a white grape variety, created in the 1930s, in Mureș County, Romania. It is a natural crossing of Grasă and Fetească albă.  It makes a fresh and savory white wine.  The wine has a medium lemon color, with a pleasant nose of ripe pear and wildflowers.  The body is delicate, with high acidity and aromas of peach, yellow apple and a short to medium aftertaste.

2016 Budureasca, Fetească Neagră  $16
Fetească Neagră; English: Black Maiden is an old pre-phylloxeric variety of Romanian – Moldovan grape,  The Budureasca ia a juicy and full-bodied Feteasca Neagra, fragrant with bright cherry, spice, vanilla aromas on the nose. Dry, vibrant with ripe red berry, dark plum, blackberry, sweet spice and vanilla flavors on the palate.

“The Vine in Flames” brand reflects on a historical moment during the rule of the first Dacian King Burebista (82-44 B.C.), 2,000+ years ago, when the vineyards were burned because they were considered a “temptation” for invaders – so wonderful was the wine made from those grapes.

While rich in tradition Budureasca Winery is a very modern winery.

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