Bone Dry to Syrupy Sweet


2016 Valdespalino Ojo de Gallo –Palomino Fino  $14  — 705ml
Citrus and peach with a steely and a salty edge.  Organic

To Albalá Fino 3 Fases Electrico  $14  —  375ml
Pedro Ximenez
When ordering Electrico in Córdoba one need only say “Shock Me!” (Dame un calambrazo). Pastry and brine notes from the flor yeast add complexity to the retained varietal personality. Naturally balanced and pure, this Fino is unmatched in its food pairing versatility.

Valdespino Inocente  $20  —  750ml
Inocente is one of the few Fino Sherries that still follows the tradition of fermentation in wood. The slow exposure to oxygen as it ages in barrels increases the wine’s aromatic complexity, the notes fanning out beyond salt and citrus toward herbs and smoke. It feels tense and firm, driven by electric acidity.


Bodegas Jose Estevez La Bailaora  Manzanilla  $10  —  750ml
Fresh, young, still hints of Palomino fruit along with a maritime air and a little dry bitterness from the flor. Clean, fresh and a little short, but pleasant.  Was $14 now $10

2015 Valdespino Manzanilla Deliciosa en Rama  $12  —  375ml
Deliciosa En Rama is around 6 years of average age and made with grapes from the pago Miraflores. Its solera system consists of six criaderas and the solera stage. The En Rama version is said to maintain some energetic youthfulness while showing the complexity that comes with age. Only one bottling is made each year in spring.


Bodegas Grant Amontillado “La Garrocha”  $14  —  375ml
Bodegas Grant, located in the heart of the town of El Puerto de Santa María, has been owned by the same family since 1841. The Grant family are almacenistas who only recently began to estate bottle. Their label, La Garrocha, refers to a famous dance performed with a stick while on horseback. This Amontillado has spent nine years aging through the Solera system. The microclimate of the bodega produces a distinct flor that gives this sherry its unique characteristics. Made from 100% Palomino grapes, this is very floral with sweet nutty aromas. The palate is savory and dry with notes of walnuts, almonds and crystallized orange.

Gutierrez Colosia Amontillado  $15  —  375ml
In this dry sherry, you notice the Fino background. Maritime notes, some sea air, but also plenty of round notes like (salted) caramel, runny honey and almonds. Subtle notes of flor. Hints of dried apricot and a soft layer of polished oak. Surprisingly creamy, warm and nutty, with fairly low acidity and just a very soft tangy edge in the background. Hazelnuts and almonds. Hints of toffee. Hazelnuts, almonds and honey coated peanuts. A very light hint of olive brine in the end. Medium finish.

Bodegas César Florido Cruz del Mar Amontillado  $19  —  375ml
Aged under partial flor in solera for 8 years.  a Nutty and intense amontillado, with hints of roasted hazelnuts, salted caramel and an intoxicatingly dry finish that leaves mouthwatering acidity. Excellent for pairing alongside salty, umami-laden snacks.


Marqués de Poley Oloroso  $18  —  500ml
From soleras and reserve stocks approaching a century in age, this rich yet elegant dry Oloroso averages over ten years old and displays round, velvety texture and a long finish reminiscent of walnuts and hazelnuts. Non-fortified, the flavors remain consistent and pure throughout.

Pedro Ximenez

El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez  $16  —  375ml
This Pedro Ximénez is aged for 15 years in the solera system. A great nose of exotic spices and almost red fruits combine with more classic caramel overtones. With great acidity the wine is light on its feet and almost refreshing.

Gutierrez Colosia Pedro Ximenez  $22  —  375ml
Rich and sweet, with lots of dates and raisins. Dried figs and candied fruits. Plum jam. Kind of a liquid walnut cake. Hints of honey-coated almonds. It also has the typical peppery/licorice sharpness. Vibrant and velvety, with a nice elegance despite its high sugar content. Molasses and treacle. Sticky toffee pudding. Dates and figs again. A slight acidity comes out towards the finish, with some peppery overtones.

1990 To Albalé Don PX Gran Reserva  $34  —  375ml
30 year old PX Sherry.  Very complicated flavors.   Licorice, maple, fig and exotic rooty aromas give this a nose similar to an Italian Amaro. A thick palate is a bit sticky, while this tastes of rooty spices, aged wood and chocolate. Amaro-like bitterness and rooty sweetness share the finish on this aged P.X..

Sherry Vinegar

Arvum Vinagre de Jerez Reserva  $11  — 8,5 oz
Pedro Ximenez
This sweet sherry vinegar is aged in oak cask following the traditional “criaderas and solera” system used for sherry wines. Its color is dark mahogany and its aromas are sweet and sour with pungent aromas of sherry vinegar smoothed by the addition of a small portion of Pedro Ximénez natural sweet wine.

A Few Sides (and there are plenty more accompaniments across the street at East Anchor)

Dequmana Natural Olive Mix with fine herbs  $7  —  7oz
Cured and blended with herbs from a traditional Adalucian recipie.

Matiz Garlic Allioli  $7  —  6.5 oz
All i Oli Garlic Spread is a garlic lover’s dream! Simple, all natural ingredients are combined in a traditional, eggless recipe that has been used in kitchens in the Catalan region of Spain for centuries.

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