Zoom Tasting

It is hard socializing during the cold months of the pandemic.  And while vaccinations, like Spring, are on the way we need something to get us through the winter months.  While we can’t hang out in each other’s living rooms the doesn’t mean we can’t drink together.  You might try this idea.

Buy two bottles of the same wine.  Drop one off at a friend’s house and take the other home.  Set a time, hop on Zoom, and drink the bottles with each other.  Want to make more of a meal out of it?  One household can buy the wine and the other cook a dinner to go match.  Want to make more of a game out of it?  Brown bag them and guess what the wine is, what the grapes are, where it comes from. (We’d be happy to set this up for you, so no one knows what’s in the bag.)

Yes, we know that some have too many Zoom meetings but think how much more you’d look forward to them if there was a bottle of wine involved.

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