Mystery Returns!

Mystery Six Packs


One of our distributors was tidying up the warehouse and came up with a lot of odds and ends.  These are left behind lots of small quantities that aren’t worth them trying to sell individually. They made us an offer and we took them up on in. Most of these wines sold for between $10 and $20 with a few gems hidden in there that sold for more.  We have packed them together into 6 packs that we are selling for $48.  Most of the boxes contain 4 reds and 2 whites.  Want a little mystery in your evening. Here’s your chance.

Our new hours for order pick up are:
Wednesday through Sunday from Noon to 4pm
There are three ways to place orders.

  • Email us anytime
  • Call us during Shop Hours
  • Or if you are on your daily walk and want to grab a bottle or three, say hello or rap on the glass and we will come to the door to wait on you.
Phone 206-860-6017

Thanks for your support.
Stay safe and sane and we’ll all get through this.

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