Marani — Georgian Wines

Saturday, February 1st, 2pm

Marani’s vineyards have been cultivated for generations.  Their Kondoli vineyard is mentioned in 1742 in Life of Georgia as showcasing the best of Kakheti region.  The terrain is composed of alluvial, strongly skeletal, loamy soil on a limestone bedrock. Climate is transitional from humid subtropical to continental under the influence of the Great Caucasus Mountains from the left bank of Alazani River and Tsiv-Gombori mountain range from the right. Cold air flows down the valley from the Caucasus glaciers, forming an ambient microclimate for quality viticulture with large swings between day and night temperatures.  Most of the 240 hectares of Kondoli vineyard are still planted with indigenous Georgian varieties, such as Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Alexandreuli, Mtsvane and Kisi. Come taste a bit of the old world.
2017 Mosmieri Kakhuri Amber $14
This amber colored wine has a delicate bouquet of fresh quince and dried fruits, with mild tannins, complimented with pleasant finish.

2017 Saperavi Qverri Red $15
Saperavi is Georgia’s premier red varietal, it comes on with the intensity and longevity of an all-night feast. The wine has firm tannins with an earthy element from 6 months spent aging underground in qvevri (clay pod-like vessels nestled in the earth for natural temperature control). That earthen quality is a signature trait of Georgian wines.  Notes of tart pomegranate and currant jam give way to a peppery dill on the finish.
2017 Alazani Valley Red $11
100% Saperavi, grown in the Alazani Valley in Kakheti. The wine has dominant blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry aromas. It is fresh and fruity, but still full bodied.  The varietal notes are followed by a complex and sweet finish.
2017 Khvanchkara AOC Red $22
50% Aleksandreuli, 50% Mujuretuli
A blend of two Georgian grapes from the Khvanchkara AOC, the wine shows aromas of raspberry, strawberry with some notes of roasted almonds.  The palate is of wild strawberry is followed by a mellow blend of dried fruit, pomegranate and a touch of caramel, though there’s plenty of lively acidity to keep it fresh and balanced.
2016 Satrapezo Rkatsiteli Ice Wine  $30
Dense and sticky, it exposes ripe poached pears, candied berry, honey and golden raisin aromas. Vibrant fruit flavors accented by the natural sweetness are well balanced with embedded orange zest. The finish is fresh with fruity core leading to a tantalizing citrus and lingering aftertaste.

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