Sunday Sippers, July 7th, 11-5pm

The Wines from the House of Independent Producers

This Sunday we are featuring the wines from the House of
Independent Producers which is the pet project of Christophe Hedges of Hedges Family Estate. The back label sports a compelling mission statement: To capture terroir in its most raw form and to preserve the integrity of the wine world by rebelling against the 100 point rating system. A wine of sustainable and environmentally friendly farming. No advertising.

Come taste for yourself.

2011 Independent Producers La Bourgeoisie    ($13)
Dionysus Vineyard
The Independent Producers Chardonnay is as close to a Chablis style white as you can find on the west coast. The wine sees no oak, and is a true definition of terroir winemaking, highlighting the beautiful vineyards of Sagemoor Farms, specifically the Dionysus Vineyard. Crisp and refreshing and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sustainable.


2011 Independent Producers La Bourgeoisie    ($13)
Bacchus Vineyard
With minimal winemaking intervention, Merlots ability to display grace, some say better than that of Pinot Noir, is unmatched. This single vineyard unoaked Merlot is soft and full and comes with a font library and a Manifesto. Sustainable.

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