Monthly Wine Club

Sign up for Madrona Wines Monthly, our Wine Club where each month we pick unique selections from the hundreds of wines we taste each month. You get:

  • A hand-picked selection of intriguing wines waiting to be discovered
  • 10% off your wine club selections
  • A ready supply of delicious wines just waiting for a pull of the cork

We have several wine club levels to suit your palate and pocket:

Everyday Exploration:

Good quality wines that don’t require a special occasion. This selection gives you wine for good, everyday drinking. These selections from all over the world are meant to go with food. If you buy two or three bottles a week at the grocery store, we promise you that you’ll drink better with this club level! Your choice of either three, six or twelve bottles a month. Choices all red, all white or anything in between. Reds and Whites are limited to a maximum of six each; Bubbles and Rose are limited to two bottles each per box so that we can always deliver unique wines.

6 bottle selection: $60 – $95 plus tax

12 bottle selection: $120 – $180 plus tax

Saturday Night Collection:

Looking for something other than “Wednesday Night Wine”? The Saturday Night Collection Wine Club gives you three wines a month (or six) that are a cut above the everyday.  Good for fine meals, cellaring or special occasions.

3 bottle selection: $75 – $135 plus tax

6 bottle selection: $150 – $170 plus tax

M3 All Week Mix:

The M3 (Mel, Max, Melissa) All Week Mix is a combination of our Everyday Explorer and Saturday Night samplings. Named for three of our customers, M3’s All Week Mix offers some bottles from the Saturday Night Collection and some bottles from the Everyday Explorer so you have bottles for special occasions and bottles for everyday.

6 bottle selection: $110 – $120 plus tax

Interested in what we have provided to club members? CLICK HERE

The devil in the details:

Each club member has a credit card number in our secure (non-electronic) file. Each month we will email you the tasting notes for your selections and charge the amount to your card (cost of bottles minus 10% discount). You can pick up your wine at any time during the month.


Just drop us note which club you are interested in, and the 6 or 12 bottle version you want. JUST CLICK HERE.