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Come on by to browse and cool off.

We have the air conditioner
cranked up this weekend.

Our Hours
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM

Madrona Wine is once again

Open for Browsing!

Mark & I are fully vaccinated (and hope you are too) and are happy that we can now let small groups of people back in the shop to check out our wines.

While the Covid news is positive, our shop is a very small space and we will requiring masks while shopping.  We also limiting the capacity to 4 customers at a time until we all adjust to this new reality of personally interacting again. 

The shop has become a little ratty since we cooped ourselves up here 14 months ago, but we’ll be working to make it a bit more tidy.  Our silk purse is still in its sow’s ear form.  But we’re hoping your eyes will wander to the bottles, not the clutter.

For those who still prefer the convenience or separation of the past year, we are still happy to take all orders specific or general and have them ready for pick up.  Just Call, Email or Shout Out at the door if you don’t feel like coming in.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,
Mark & Jim,
Madrona Wine Merchants

Mother’s Day

Mom needs a glass (or two) of wine for all you have put them through….and we are here until 6PM tonight to help you.

Mark and Jim

Open Today, Sunday Feb 14th

We’re open today from noon to 6pm.  So, bundle up and slosh on in if you are in need of wine.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Snow Day

We are staying home this Saturday and watching the flakes from our cozy living rooms.  We’ll dig ourselves out tomorrow and be back open for business.

Enjoy the snow,

Mark & Jim

Champagne anyone?

We are open from Noon to 6pm today, in case anyone has a sudden urge to celebrate.

Tariff Update

Not the biggest headline of the day, but. . .

In a farewell gesture the Trump Administration has imposed a new 25% Tariff on French and German wines over 14% alcohol   This expands the original tariff that was on wines 14% and under.  The new tariff went live on January 12th (this includes wine already on the water). While the Biden Administration may reverse these tariffs it probably won’t happen very quickly.  This is going to make wine prices very volatile in the near future.  At Madrona Wine Merchants, we remain focused on quality and value, but we expect a few bumps in the coming months.

These tariffs have a huge impact on smaller wineries and importers.

6 days until the Inauguration.

Need to stock up on Inauguration supplies?

Our Current Hours:

Wednesday to Sunday
Noon to 6PM


Madrona Wine Merchants
is now open
Noon to 6pm
Wednesday to Sunday

Although we are still closed for browsing, we’re happy to meet you at the door and find the wine you are looking for.  There are three ways to order:
1) Come to the door during our shop hours and we can show you what options we have.
2) Call us at 206-860-6017 and we can have it ready for you.
3) Email us at

You can also browse our recent emails at

Thanks for all your support,
Jim & Mark

Closed on the 4th

Three Cheers for the Red, White & Rosé!
Madrona Wine will be
Saturday, July 4th
We will be open again Sunday July 5th from noon to 4pm.
Have a safe holiday.
Keep your fingers and distance.

Knock, Knock

Not seeing what you are looking for in our emails?

Come to the Door
From Noon until 4

Although we aren’t letting people into browse just yet,
just stop by the door Wednesday through Sunday
and we’ll show you some options and set you up with some fine wine.  Sometimes a little conversation is what it takes.
Or you can email us or call us during those hours as well and we’ll put together your order.

Thanks for your support,
Jim & Mark
Madrona Wine Merchants