Shipping Season

This year more than ever, most of us won’t be making any trips to see friends and family.  If so, you may be thinking about sending a bottle of wine to those who you wish you could be with for the holidays. 

Being a retail business and regulations being what they are, Madrona Wine is unable to ship to most states.  You however, being an individual, can ship to most states and not only do we have the bottles to send, we also have some boxes to ship them in.  (No, the shipping isn’t free. Yes, this is more work than clicking on a website.)

The Postal Service will not ship wine at all (again more regulations), but UPS and Fed-Ex will.  Want to know if you can ship to a given state?  Just call up your closet UPS Shipper. 

Cardboard shipping box with recyclable formed cardboard bottle shields approved for all major shippers.

1-pack                         $5.00
2-packs                       $6.00
3-packs                       $7.00
4-packs                       $8.00

May your holiday season be festive.
Jim and Mark
Madrona Wine Merchants

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