Ring around the Rosés

A pocket full of Posés

This time of year, some rosés start running out but new ones arrive to replace them.  Here’s a few new arrivals on our shelves.

2019 Fattoria Svetoni, Felice Rosé  $13
A Tuscan Rosé with an intense bouquet, hints of rose and white violet. Fresh, mineral, round, sapid. Good structure. Persistent finish.

2019 Cantarelle, Madam Côtes de Provence Rosé  $15
Reveals itself in a glass of light rosé with delicate violet reflections, revealing a floral bouquet with aromas of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, some lime and delicate hints of orange blossom.

2019 Zoe, Tree of Life Rosé  $14
70% Agiorghitikiom, 30% Moscofilero
Vibrant and clear on the nose, with aromas of ripe cherries, raspberries, hints of flowers, and rose petal notes. On the palate it has a medium body, moderately high acidity and the slightest suggestion of very ripe tannins. Flavors are consistent with the aromas, with a light sensation of sweet grass and bubble gum.

2019 Illahe, Tempranillo Rosé  $17
The 2019 Illahe Tempranillo Rosé offers fresh aromas of lemon zest, spruce tip, rhubarb, and fleshy watermelon rind. A fresh, bright, and crisp harmonious pallet rounds into juicy honeydew melon and Oregon strawberry finish. Pair with sunshine.  Organic

2019 Cave de la Bouquette, Sancerre Rosé  $22
Pinot Noir
A classic  crisp Sancerre Rosé with layers of citrus, strawberry and rose petal.  Fresh and delicious.

2019 Domaine Tempier, Bandol Rosé  $50
The Bandol Tempier Rosé offers a unique blend of complexity and freshness. It has a fine structure, with no tannin. The high-quality care given to the vines and the diversity of the terroirs produce a flavorful intensity and a strong typicity.

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