Some Fortified Favorites

When one thinks of fortified wines Port jumps to mind, but there are some other complex and delicious examples that often get overlooked.  Here are few from our shelves.

Ostinato, Marsala Secco  $13
Aged for more than two years in botti, without temperature control or topping up.  While fortified, the base wines were ‘alto grado’ (high grade), meaning they were harvested from later harvest, riper grapes.  The result is a young Marsala of high ‘vinous character’ and more complex flavors than is typical of the genre.  17% alcohol by volume 500ml

Ostinato, Marsala Dolce  $13
A sweet Marsala that is delicious, balanced and refined. It resonates with deep vinous character and is produced according to traditional methods that are now rarely seen in the appellation,  Very complex for the money.  17% alcohol by volume  500 ml

Belem, Madeira Meio Seco  $14
100% Tinta Negra
Aged for a minimum of three years in old oak casks, Belém’s Madeira – Meio Seco is ‘medium-dry’ and, at 17% abv, is notable for its vinous character and concentration. It is delicious as an aperitif or in cocktails, and it especially excels in the cook’s arsenal, ready to be deployed in marinades, glazes and reductions; for seafood, poultry or game — all while you enjoy a pre-prandial glass.   500ml

Mas Blanc, Hors d’ Age Banyuls  $24
Made from old-vine Grenache noir aged in demi-muid. The wine is a blend of three vintages with reserve wine from the previous blend of vintages in a roughly 2/3 to 1/3 proportion.  Balanced, poised and energetic, the specified vintages lend vibrancy and exuberance; with reserve wine depth and complexity. 17.5% alcohol by volume 375ml

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