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Mystery Returns!

Mystery Six Packs


One of our distributors was tidying up the warehouse and came up with a lot of odds and ends.  These are left behind lots of small quantities that aren’t worth them trying to sell individually. They made us an offer and we took them up on in. Most of these wines sold for between $10 and $20 with a few gems hidden in there that sold for more.  We have packed them together into 6 packs that we are selling for $48.  Most of the boxes contain 4 reds and 2 whites.  Want a little mystery in your evening. Here’s your chance.

Our new hours for order pick up are:
Wednesday through Sunday from Noon to 4pm
There are three ways to place orders.

  • Email us anytime
  • Call us during Shop Hours
  • Or if you are on your daily walk and want to grab a bottle or three, say hello or rap on the glass and we will come to the door to wait on you.
Phone 206-860-6017

Thanks for your support.
Stay safe and sane and we’ll all get through this.

Operating Hours

Thursday to Sunday


For Preorder Pickups Only

Sorry, No Browsing

Place Email Orders

or call 206-860-6017

during operating hours

Thanks for your Patience

We’re Back! Well kind of . . .

We are opening this Saturday (April 11th) from Noon to 4 pm, filling pick up orders only.  Email us and we will try to fill all requests as best as possible.  Or Call us during our shop hours and we can find what you are looking for that way.

You can prepay for orders by credit card and pick them up at the curb, or if you prefer you can come in and pay at the time of pick up. 

To maximize social distancing with minimal contact between ourselves and our customers, we are currently suspending all browsing and self-selection at the shop.  This is not the way we like to do business, but we are following what the times dictate.

We’ll be expanding the days for pickups next week.  More details soon.

Thanks and enjoy our good weather.
Jim & Mark

Closed For A Bit

Jim and I are healthy but decided we should take a break from the battle for a couple of weeks. We will be open Wednesday, April 1st (no joke) for wine club members to pick up their monthly box. After Wednesday, email and we will try and work something out.

Thanks for your support over these years – we will be back.

Mark and Jim

Taking A Break

Starting Monday, Madrona Wine will be closing for a short period. Mark and Jim are healthy but want to take a break and stay that way.
We will be open this weekend:
Saturday 11 to 7
Sunday 11 to 5
To keep with social distancing we are allowing only 2 customers in the shop at any given time.
If you want us to put together an order for pick up give us a call or send us an email.
If you want to pay in advance so we can bring it out to your car, please call us with credit card info.
Thank you for all your support and understanding.

Current Operating Hours

While our weekly wine tastings have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, we are maintaining our retail hours. Stay safe, wash your hands, repeat.

Store Hours:

Noon – 7pm, Wednesday – Friday
11 – 7pm, Saturday
11 – 5pm Sunday


Spring has arrived here in Madrona, but this year the equinox seems anything but balanced. On the one had we are struggling to adjust to the new routine of cautious contact under Corvid, on the other we have had a week of gorgeous Spring weather with blossoms, and flowers, and the birds hopping around through the trees.  Here at Madrona Wine we have ceased all sampling until conditions change.  We are open our normal hours for you to pick up and take home. Many of the Madrona Restaurants are providing take out.  Stock up, wash your hands, and stay safe.

More Tariffs

For the wine industry the New Year is starting off on a poor note.
As you may know if you haven’t been totally overwhelmed by the coverage of the Impeachment hearings, last Fall the government imposed a 25% tariff on wines under 14% abv (alcohol by volume) from France, Spain & Portugal.
Now (while our suppliers are still trying to adjust) the Trump administration is threatening to expand the tariff to 100% on all European wines. If enacted this tariff will have devastating effects on the wine industry.
Madrona Wine, a small shop in the scheme of things, buys our wine from maybe 20 small importers/distributors, 6 or so mid-sized ones, and 2 of the 3 big ones in Seattle. The tariffs over time will most likely force the small importers out of business, the mid-sized ones will struggle to adjust their business model and the big ones will ride it out, probably benefiting in the long term from the demise and problems of their competitors.
So, what does this mean?
First off it is a loss of local jobs. Take 20 small importer/distributors with 6 to 24 employees each just in Seattle, then expand it out to the rest of the country and you get an idea of the immediate impact. These are local domestic jobs.
The same will be true for the European wineries effected by this. At Madrona Wine we carry a lot of wines from small family operations that are not wealthy but have managed to make a living between farming, grape growing and winemaking. A number of these wineries will not make it. The mid-sized ones will struggle to adjust, and the large corporate wineries will benefit benefiting in the long term from the demise and problems of their competitors. See a pattern?
All of this will result in less choices and higher prices on our shelves. The good value wines that we pride ourselves on finding will disappear. Yes, the $15 Côtes du Rhone or Chianti that you like to have with dinner will cost more like $25 to $30.
For those of you who want to act on this, you can:

A last note is that none of these tariffs have anything to do with the trade of wine. They are mainly retaliation for subsidies to Airbus on behalf of Boeing and possibly for a threatened software tax on behalf of big tech. Again, small businesses being thrown under the bus for the benefit of large corporations.

Holiday Hours

Just a reminder that we are now open Tuesdays through the end of the year. Until the end of the year, our hours are:

Tuesday to Friday – 12 to 7pm
Saturday – 11-7pm
Sunday – 11-5pm

Additionally, we will be open Monday, December 23rd from 12-7, Tuesday the 24th from 12-7pm, closed Christmas Day. Also, for New Year’s week we will be open Monday, December 30th from 12-7, Tuesday from 12-7pm, closed New Year’s Day.

May the season be merry for one and all.

All Bubbles, All Weekend!

We’re getting ready for the holidays by popping the corks on a whole lot of Sparklers.  Stop by the shop Saturday and Sunday and effervesce with us.

Saturday, December 14th

 Vilarnau Brut Reserva Cava  $10
50% Macabeo,  35% Parellada,  15% Xarel·lo
Aged 15 months in bottle, delicious crisp apple and ripe pear flavous amongst an abundance of fine bubbles.  Was $15 now $10

Townshend Brut $14
60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir
A finely balanced blend of from the best grapes of Washington State. Crafted in the traditional French Méthode Champenoise style with a minimum of 24 months spent “en Tirage”. Good local fizz.
Savian Evento Rosé  $12
100% Merlot
From Veneto, this extra-dry Spumante strikes the eye for its hues of rose petals. Its bouquet is delicate and at the same time complex, with a light hint of walnut husk. Well-balanced in acidity and sugar contents, it reveals a particularly intense, harmonious, markedly lingering flavor.

Prova Cava Brut Méthode Traditionell  $13
40% Macabeo, 30% Xarel-lo, 30% Parellada
The Prova is a translucent pale yellow with foamy head effervescence. Nice composition with a quite dry profile, well-balanced and with a rather long refined taste.
Trouillard Champagne Extra Selection Brut  $35
35% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay
Fine bubbles, full-bodied with a full mixture of white fruits. The flavor is dominated by notes of hazelnuts and grilled almonds.  This crisp, delicate, fresh, creamy and elegant champagne, with just a touch of yeastiness, is sure to enhance any special occasion or meal.  A very classic and delicate Brut.

Sunday, December 15th

Rive Della Chiesa Pinot Grigio Frizzante  $10
Light and apple-driven, and clean. The flavors are like lime lollipops and orange juice, which may sound unappealing but that’s not the case.

Peneca Rebula  $13
Ribolla Gialla
This Slovenian sparkling wine is made from 100% Ribolla Gialla in the Charmat method. It has aromas of green apple, brioche, toast and hazelnut. In the mouth, the bubbles are pleasant and prepare your palate for flavors of apple, hazelnut and toasted almond.

= = = = =

Madrona Wine Merchants offers free wine tastings featuring 4-5 selections on a theme every Saturday from 2 until the bottles run out and on Sunday, we offer a mini-tasting of two wines all day from 11-5.